Preschool program (3 to 4 years old)

Since preschool children absorb so much from their surroundings, JAG has a specially designed preschool program that teaches basic body awareness and social interaction through exciting, self-esteem building gymnastics classes. The classes are held in the preschool area of the gym, with custom tailored equipment "scaled down” to their size. 


Little JAG's (3 to 4 years of age)

Your child will playfully learn gymnastics motor skills and fun age appropriate classes that the blend physical cognitive and daily living skills. Children begin to learn how to follow directions, gymnastics terminology, basic gymnastics positions and fundamental skills.

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Recreational Programs

Super JAGS (5 years old)

Your child will explore challenging gymnastics and age-appropriate motor skill combination basic sports skills and a good sportsmanship.

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Girls Recreational Gymnastics

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Boys Recreational Gymnastics

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Recreational gymnastics starts at our beginner level and goes through advanced.

Each class begins with a general warm-up and stretching. During the class the children will work on all Olympic events each week. Emphasis will be placed on learning new skills, routines as well as reinforcing good basic fundamentals. Strong emphasis is placed on body awareness and safety.

The beginner class is for any athlete first grade and above that would like to better their gymnastic skills or take the next step from our preschool program into our beginner level. In this level athletes will learn a variety of different progressions to start developing their routines and attaining their goals.

Advanced classes begin where our beginner classes leave off in skill development, while still keeping a strong emphasis on fun and enjoyment doing learning. By this point athletes have proven that they have mastered the beginner, have shown ambition to progress into the next gymnastics level. The advanced class is a wonderful level for a maturing gymnast that is becoming more confident with their gymnastics and desires more difficult progressions. 


Starting with basic tumbling skills, we follow a progressive curriculum that will teach your child Tumbling. Classes will include general locomotor and body position skills, general strength and balance, and skills specific to Tumbling and Cheerleading.  Skills are learned in progression, with one skill building upon skills already learned.  Students may progress at their own pace, and our instructors will work with each child  at the level of his or her current ability, and increase the difficulty as students increase their ability level.  In addition to tumbling and flexibility skills, there will be several strength and conditioning skills performed during every class.

Our Beginners Tumbling classes are designed to teach the skills necessary to "graduate" into Advanced tumbling classes.  Beginners Tumblers are students who DO NOT HAVE their Back Handspring.   

Our Advanced Tumbling classes are designed for students who HAVE their Back Handspring.  In the Advanced Tumbling Class, students work on perfecting the skills learned in the Beginners Tumbling Class, and we also teach progressively more complicated Tumbling skills, such as back and front tuck, Lay-out, full, and combinations of skills including these skills.

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JAGKour (Parkour)

JAGKour is JAG’s version of Parkour. It involves fitness, obstacle training, tumbling and conditioning. Very challenging and so much fun! 


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